Our implementations

 Line for caramel production 

Dragee drums

12 sterilizers in a pet food production plant in Poland

Pharmaceutical industry - Poland

Jam production line – fruit and vegetable processing industry - Poland

Distillery towers equipped with platforms and ladders for rectification of highest quality neutral spirit have been delivered to one of the biggest ethanol manufactories in Poland as well as in Europe.

Multipurpose mixer XRA49 - food processing industry - Poland

Autoclave WAA41a - chemical industry - Mexico

Pass-through autoclave WAA44P - chemical industry - Vietnam

Sterilizer WSA116 - fruit and vegetable processing - Poland

Vacuum evaporator WAA43 - fruit and vegetable processing- Greece

Vaporizer XOA49 - chemical industry - Poland

Mixser XMA54- food processing industry - Singapore

Evaporator for milkmasses CAA18a and mixer CMA25 - confectionery business- Latvia

Filter tank PKA118a - brewery - Poland