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Water Jet cutting

SPOMASZ PLESZEW S.A. offers water jet cutting service with Omax JetMachining model 80160.
– Abrasive Water Jet Machining and Water jet enable fast and precise cutting of any 2D shape utilizing kinetic energy of high pressure stream of water. To cut a wider range of materials a granular abrasive is added to the water jet increasing the cutting power.

Advantages of water jet:
– Low temperature of the process comparing to technology of laser cutting or plasma cutting. Heat does not affect the material as the max temperature is 40°C. Therefore so structural changes or thermal deformations can be observed.
– Non conducting materials can be processed
– High quality of edges ensures smooth and even surface
– Wide range of materials of various thickness and hardness can be processed
– Multi – purpose application
– Shapes are read directly from CAD drawings
– Facility of geometry and dimensions adjustments
– Waste minimization

the following materials can be cut:
– steels (constructional, tool, acid proof, stainless, heat – resisting etc.)
– Non – ferrous metals (aluminum, cooper, bronze, brass etc.)
– Alloys of titanium, plastics, china, stones, glass, rubber, wood

Maximal dimensions of the material to be cut:
– length – 4 060 mm
– width – 1 900 mm
– heigth – 150 mm