Mixers, cones and reactors

Vacuum tray dryer type XSA82

Working capacity 550 l
Allowable pressure max / min 0,5/-1 bar

The fully automatic vacuum tray dryer is used to dry pharmaceutical products saturated with an aqueous solution or...


Reactor type XRA52

Working capacity 2500 l
Permissible pressure max / min 6/-1 bar

The reactor is designed to carry out technological processes with solutions of organic substances in solvents such as...


Multi-purpose mixer type XMA54

Capacity of the working part 100 l
Total working capacity 166 l

The multi-purpose mixer is the result of cooperation with our customers and it is used both in factory...


Kettle for fillings type CKA22e

Total capacity 220 dm3
Working capacity 150 dm3

The kettle is used in the confectionery industry for cooking and thickening confectionery fillings and syrup-sugar solutions. It...