Responsible business



  • Certificate for the Management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Laboratory Approval Certificate No. LBU-089/17-23 – Office of Technical Inspection
  • Certificate of compliance with quality requirements in fusion welding in accordance with the standard of PN-EN ISO 3834-2: 2021-9
  • Certificate of a manufacturer of pressure devices according to the standard of PN-EN 13445-4:2014-11
  • Certificate of a manufacturer of pressure equipment according to the rules of AD-2000-Merkblatt HP0
  • Welding qualifications – TÜV Rheinland / UDT
  • Authorizations to manufacture, repair and modernize devices under UDT supervision
  • Quality Certificate WIELKOPOLSKA QUALITY – Marshal’s Office of the voivodship of Greater Poland
  • GOOD BECAUSE POLISH Certificate – Wielkopolska Food Foundation
  • Personal certificate of the European Welding Engineer – TÜV – GERMANY
  • Personal certificate – inspection of pressure equipment – TÜV – GERMANY
  • FAIR PLAY certificate


  • Evaporator for sugar and sugar-free caramel masses – Patent No. 241057 – Patent Office – 2022
  • Method of controlling and regulating technological parameters in the process of thermal preservation of food products – Patent No. 422286 – Patent Office – 2019
  • A device for sterilization of food products with a cascade cooling system and an integrated system for use of post-process heat – Patent No. 414355 – Patent Office – 2018
  • Table for confectionery masses – utility model no. 68410 – Patent Office – 2015
  • Vacuum distiller – Industrial design No. 18065 – Patent Office – 2012
  • Sterilization baskets – Industrial design No. 12035 – Patent Office – 2007
  • Gear pump CPA52 – Patent No. 331270 – Patent Office – 2005
  • Slicer – Patent No. 189850 – Patent Office – 2005
  • Device for longitudinal cutting of confectionery mass – Utility model No. 60479 – Patent Office – 2004
  • Horizontal cylinder sterilizer – Industrial design No. 3307 – Patent Office – 2004
  • Evaporator CAA18 – Industrial design No. 1474 – Patent Office – 2003
  • Pulp transport and storage tank – Industrial design No. 821 – Patent Office 2003
  • Filter vessel – Patent No. 184585 – Patent Office – 2002
  • Filter vessel – Patent No. 183982 – Patent Office – 2002
  • Sterilization method and spray sterilizer – Patent No. 183188 – Patent Office – 2002
  • Method of transport and storage of fruit and vegetable semi-finished products and a device for using this method – Patent No. 181825 – Patent Office – 2001
  • Method of safe closing and opening of the sterilizer pressure lid and a device for using this method – Patent No. 180815 – Patent Office – 2000




  • Golden card of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy


  • Golden HIT 2021 in the PRODUCTION category and also for an innovative, fully automatic evaporator for caramel, sugar and sugar-free masses

  • Leader of social responsibility GOOD EMPLOYER 2021

  • Golden HIT of the region – local government award for an innovative, fully automatic, universal evaporator for caramel, sugar and sugar-free masses

  • Acknowledgment for cooperation from the Center for Education OHP Pleszew

  • Innovative for Wielkopolska, I-Wielkopolska in the Industry of Tomorrow category for an innovative, fully automated, universal evaporator for caramel, sugar and sugar-free masses


  • Certificate of participation in the POLISH ECONOMIC EXHIBITION under the patronage of President Andrzej Duda.

  • Confirmation of affiliation F.M.S. SPOMASZ PLESZEW S.A. to the elite club Gazele Biznesu 2020.



  • Ruby HIT 2019 title for the production of the highest quality machines and devices for the food industry based on innovative technologies and model enterprise management.

  • Acknowledgment for activities for the development of vocational education. The award was granted by the Minister of National Education, Anna Zalewska.


  •  During the International Intelligent Development 3.0 Forum, we received awards in two categories.
    In the category of Innovation in industry 4.0 for the implementation of the projects “Universal vacuum apparatus with aroma recovery” and “Universal evaporator for caramel and sugar-free masses”.
    Vice President of the Management Board Liliana Rak – Urbaniak was awarded in the category Inspirational Woman in Organization, for exemplary management of the Company, focused on development and improvement, which translates into the global reputation of machines and devices produced for the food industry.
  • Diploma of the Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin for the project called Universal Vacuum Apparatus with Aroma Recovery Function.
  • Highest Quality 2018 – Quality International QI Product – a product of the highest quality for Universal vacuum apparatus with aroma recovery function.


  • Business Quality Certificate “Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play 2017”
  • Golden Mercury for outstanding achievements in export development


  • GOLD MEDAL for “design of a device for sterilization of food products with a cascade cooling system and an integrated system for use of post-process heat” at the International Fair of Invention, Research and New Technologies – Brussels, Belgium.

The project was developed by Fabryka Maszyn Spożywczych SPOMASZ Pleszew S.A. in cooperation with the Poznań University of Technology and the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Machines in Poznań.

  • Polish Award of Intelligent Development for implementation of projects entitled “Development of a multifunctional sterilization device” and “Universal vacuum apparatus with aroma recovery”.
  • GOLD MEDAL of the Poznań International Fair POLAGRA-TECH for “A device for sterilization of food products with a cascade cooling system and an integrated system for use of process heat”
  • Business Quality Certificate “Fair Play Company” 2016 and DEBIUT FAIR PLAY title in “Fair Play Company” 2016 program.
  • The title of the Laureate and the Golden Emblem HIGHEST QI 2016 in the QI PRODUCT category – the highest quality product Spray sterilizer.


  • Award of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region in the “i-WIELKOPOLSKA- INNOVATIVE FOR WIELKOPOLSKA” competition in the “Innovative Invention” category
  • LEADER OF INNOVATION IN THE SOUTHERN WIELKOPOLSKA in the “Innovative Product” category
  • CRYSTAL HIT title for production of high-quality evaporators and industrial reactors – Polish Chamber of Commerce, District Head of Wielkopolska Province, Agencja Punkt
  • Business Gazelle title – belonging to the most dynamically developing companies – Puls Biznesu
  • The title of SOLID EMPLOYER OF THE DECADE for merits in the field of human resources management – Kowalski Pro-Media


  • Certificate of “PROFESSIONALLY RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYER” – Technical Knowledge Accelerator – Poznań University of Technology


  • The title Citizen of the Year in Pleszew for President Tadeusz Rak
  • The title of the Patron of Pleszew Culture for President Tadeusz Rak
  • Diploma of the Office of Technical Inspection for active participation in process of improving Polish technical safety system
  • PHILANTHROPY LEADER – Donors Forum, Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Recognition of the Company Technical Laboratory by the Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection in Poznań


  • CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS CREDIBILITY for the highest evaluation of the company’s stability – D&B Poland


  • SILVER UMBRELLA – for significant influence on the economy – Polish Chamber of Commerce
  • Nomination of the spray sterilizer for the 19th edition of the TERAZ POLSKA competition


  • Certificate FAIR PLAY COMPANY for 2008


  • Friendly Employer – 12th place
  • Golden Firms of Wielkopolska – 39th place
  • Golden Exporters Ranking – 30th place
  • Diploma for “Effective Promotion on the Uzbekistan Market” – Polish Chamber of Commerce
  • Ranking of Gold Investors – 24th place
  • Certificate FAIR PLAY COMPANY for 2007
  • HIT 2007 Certificate – for the overall activity of the Factory


  • HIT – PUNKT S promotional agency
  • MARKET LEADER for the Best Product in Poland – spray sterilizer – InterRES International Fair
  • GOLD MEDAL for a spray sterilizer type WSA18 – POLAGRA FOOD Poznań
  • Nomination for the Polish Promotional Emblem “NOW POLSKA” in the 16th Edition of the Competition for the Best Products and Services – Foundation for the Polish Promotional Emblem – Warsaw
  • Certificate FAIR PLAY COMPANY for 2008


  • EAGLE OF AGRIBUSINESS – EMS Warszawa Promotional and Publishing Agency


  • SILVER CHIMNEY SWEEP AWARD – “Employer – organizer of safe work” – National Labor Inspectorate
  • HIT for the technological line for production of yoghurt batches – Agencja Promocycji PUNKT S
  • Distinction with the WIELKOPOLSKA QUALITY Trademark for guaranteed quality of manufactured machines and devices.


  • GOLD MEDAL for an aseptic transport tank – FOOD TARG in Katowice
  • WIELKOPOLSKA HIT for a sterilizer type WSA7 – Kalisz Voivode