Sterilizers and autoclaves

Spray sterilizer type WSA146a

Sterilization vessel capacity 9,9 m3
Basket capacity 0,83 m3

The spray sterilizer is used in the food industry for pasteurization and sterilization of fruit, vegetable, meat, fish...


Pass-through autoclave type WAA46KP

Working capacity ~4900 l
Highest / lowest allowable pressure 14,5/0 bar

The pass-through steam autoclave is used primarily in the chemical industry. This device is used for thermal treatment...


Spray sterilizer type WSA144PM

Number of baskets for one load 4 sztuki
Diameter of the sterilization vessel 1400 mm

The multifunctional sterilizer is an innovative solution in the field of sterilization and pasteurization in the food industry....