Key parameters

Number of baskets for one load 4 sztuki
Diameter of the sterilization vessel 1400 mm
Sterilization temperature up to do 135 °C
Entry of baskets TAK
Installed power 9,5 kW

Device description

The multifunctional sterilizer is an innovative solution in the field of sterilization and pasteurization in the food industry. It is equipped with an intelligent adaptive system that allows for self-optimization in terms of efficiency through effective algorithms tailored to the customer's products. Innovative and environmentally friendly concept allows to increase efficiency by lowering operating costs. The device is equipped with automatic process control. The user can choose the following options: automatic loading and unloading, loading from two sides - pass-through system, movement of the product during the process, registration of process parameters with possibility of archiving, automatic post-process heat management, integrated service program