Spomasz Pleszew sp. Z OO

Stable innovation

Above all we specialize in autoclaves, evaporators, mixers, kettles, multi-purpose mixers and gear pumps. We offer complete technological lines including jam and marmalade production lines, tomato processing lines as well as fudge candy production lines. All devices can be equipped with full automatics and customized process control solutions.Technical and technological standards implemented in Spomasz meet the highest level of world requirements regarding food processing machines. Our quality control system is based on ISO 9001:200 norm which ensures high quality of the workmanship. Spomasz owns a R&D laboratory which gives our customers an opportunity to try out their technology so best options can be found. We put emphasis on development and improvement. A lot of attention is paid to cooperation with scientific units in order to implement proven and tested solutions only. We are proud that our machines and devices have gained recognition of well-known both domestic and international food manufacturers. Learn more about our offer. Sales staff will be happy to assist you.
Over 120 years of tradition in production of food processing machines. Company’s history began in 1886. On 1st June 1994 the company was transformed into a stock company under the name Fabryka Maszyn Spożywczych SPOMASZ Pleszew S.A. Years of experience in the business let the company develop premium quality products based on new manufacturing technologies. In 1997 the Company was certified with EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate and gained a 2nd grade recognition certificate for its testing laboratory. Machines manufactured by SPOMASZ work in almost every food processing company in the country. SPOMASZ Pleszew has been an exporter since 1954. Untill the 90’s its products were being exported via Foreign Trade Head Office. Then individual canvass strategy has been successfully developed. It resulted in establishing constant cooperation with German partners. Sophisticated devices for thermal processing are manufactured and supplied by SPOMASZ on regular basis. Intensive marketing activities have helped to increase export sale as high as to 35% throughout the last decade. The machines have been exported to such countries like Haiti, China, Jordan, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Peru, Turkey, Albania, Morocco, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Germany, Greece, Mexico, Sudan, Guatemala, Honduras, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Iran, France, England, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Japan and USA.