Key parameters

Pump capacity (nominal) 10000 l/h
Product viscosity range 0,05 ÷ 20,00 Pa*s
Working pressure (max.) 0,6 MPa
Heating space pressure 0,3 MPa
Working temperature 5 ÷ 90 °C

Device description

The gear pump is intended for use in the food industry for pumping thick liquids such as: chocolate, marmalade, pulp, potato syrup, syrup-sugar solutions, cooking oils as well as chemical products of similar consistency. The pump design solution ensures a gentle product flow without changing its properties. The possibility of introducing heating and / or cooling medium allows the pump to be widely and universally used in the food and chemical industries. Its compact and simplified structure guarantees an easy and economical service and operation. The pump can be optionally equipped with a frequency-current converter integrated with the motor which makes the pump a universal pumping unit that can be widely used in transport installations with various physical properties.